I Ain’t Trading My Dreams…

I never know what to say in the “about” sections.  No matter what is written it always feel stuffy and forced, the opposite of the entire point of this blog.  So bare with me while I struggle through an abbreviated version of what this blog is about.

This blog is purely built on selfish intentions, writing helps me process things on a different level.  The purpose of this blog is to help me work through and process what I am experiencing, and you are just along for the ride.  Make the connections that you need, understand my thoughts in your own way, but most importantly take away what you need from this.

Backpacking is a passion of mine, the more I do it, the more passionate I become.  This summer my opportunity to backpack through the Blue Ridge is teaching me lessons about myself, that only a blog can appropriately help me process.

Peek inside my crazy life, and live vicariously through me ❤

– K